GE-CLOUD Butler Services

Based on the IoT system, the G-Cloud butler service of General monitors the running conditions of elevators round the clock, utilizes the elevator monitoring system to collect running data, analyzes big data by cloud servers, examines the elevator status, sends the data to maintenance personnel at regular time and gives early warnings to take preventive measures.

Intelligent prompts guarantee that we can take preventive measures

The G-Cloud system will record the use conditions of elevators in detail and offer preventive maintenance services. It sees subtle changes of elevators clearly, gives early warnings and dramatically reduces the failure rate.

Timely protection contributes to your successful future

Through the round-the-clock monitoring, we can respond to failures in time to shorten the rescue time to the greatest extent possible.

We offer professional reliable support services

Every member of the maintenance team has obtained the relevant training certification and offers professional services with a careful rigorous attitude towards work.