Passenger Elevator Solutions consulting service

Enjoy the speed and passion

General high-speed elevator is not only the result of elevator technology innovation, but also the sincere work of general service for the fast-paced life of modern cities. The application of high-speed elevators for high-rise buildings to improve transportation efficiency is the most effective solution.

To increase the speed on the premise of safety is the high speed pursued by General

It is the common responsibility and obligation to integrate more than 10 safety devices that linked together to the high speed elevators, such as portal crane system, remote monitoring system and terminal stroke reduction technology, for creating the safest operational conditions.

To increase the speed for comfortable rides is technical innovation

As everyone knows, the high speed may bring noises and vibrations General Elevator offers effective solutions:

The optimized car appearances are equipped with streamlined windshields and can effectively reverse air flows caused by high-speed movements.

The application of soundproof materials for aviation guarantees the decibel of noises in cars is the optimum.

The standard configuration of active shock absorption guide shoes reduces vibrations caused by high-speed movements and improves the comfort level of rides.