Freight Elevator Solutions consulting service

Truly Meet Freight Demands

Considering the diversity and complexity of freight transportation sites, the general cargo elevator series products are fully considered in terms of structure, performance and design, so that the general cargo elevator is suitable for all kinds of freight transportation sites and competent for all kinds of cargo transportation.

Multiple Sets of Freight Solutions


In terms of design, Freight elevators of General Elevator are divided into elevators with a machine room, elevators with a small machine room and machine roomless elevators. General Elevator can provide the most suitable installation solutions according to space conditions of buildings needing a freight elevator.


Large carrying space design


Considering the volume of the cargo, the general cargo elevator car is spacious and has a deep sense of depth. The car door is divided into full width and the door can be completely opened, and even large cargo can be quickly accessed. The door area is equipped with a light curtain and a sensitive and sensitive object to ensure the safety of people and goods.


Excellent technical strength to meet the demanding standards of cargo transportation


Due to their heavy-duty transport requirements, freight elevators have very high technical requirements in terms of control, hoisting and access systems. General Elevator utilizes leading techniques and optimizes system design so its freight elevators are quite suitable for cargo transport.