Passenger Elevator Solutions consulting service

Ideal EIevators

Every inch of money and land in the city promotes the continuous upward development of high-rise buildings, and elevators have become an indispensable means of passage for urban buildings. How to enjoy the convenience of the elevator and release a larger building space is the first consideration factor for the space optimization of general elevator.

Leave more building spaces for jamming cities


Due to the high price of urban land, buildings become higher and higher. Elevators have become an essential transport means in urban buildings. How to release larger building spaces while enjoying convenient elevators is the focus of General Elevator in space optimization.

For us, nothing is more important than your safety


General adheres to the people-oriented safety concept, always gives priority to safety in terms of design, material selection, technical configuration and after-sales maintenance, and guarantees the full-life-circle running safety of every elevator of General.


Energy Conservation General is responsible for our common future


General complies with the low-carbon travel principle, concentrates on development of the automatic lighting system, intelligent standby technology and energy feedback technology, realizes energy-saving operation of elevators and offers more eco-friendly elevators by its advantages in generating energy.


Your physical and mental pleasure is the highest praise for us


According to the feeling of passengers, General guarantees the smooth and stable running of elevators by advanced technologies, strengthens the optimization design of car space, light, sound and ventilation and aims to create comfortable pleasant ride experiences for passengers.


Intelliaent Urban Construction We have responsibility and ability


With the development of smart cities, the intelligent elevator technology of General matches up with construction of smart cities in terms of value. In the vertical transport field, General provides efficient scientific transport plans for large passenger flows and high-end users, improves intelligent residential environments and contributes to construction of smart cities.