Rules for safe riding

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Elevator is one of the most important means of transportation in modern society. As a special equipment, the elevator itself has special safety guarantee. Safety tongs, speed limiters, buffers and other important safety components are specially designed to ensure the safety of passengers. However, the elevator is a means of high-altitude transportation after all. It is very important to master the necessary knowledge of safe elevator riding to ensure the safety of elevator riding.

Taking the elevator safely is not difficult. As long as you follow the following rules, the safety of taking the elevator is guaranteed.

Wait for the elevator and be civilized.

First of all, if you want to go up, press the up button. If you want to go down, press the down button. Press once, and the indicator light is on. Don't press it repeatedly, and then wait outside the landing door. When the elevator stops at other floors, do not slap the hall door for emergencies, and do not artificially extend the opening time. Otherwise, the car will delay time or cause button failure. Secondly, do not rely on the landing door as a temporary rest, which will affect the landing door opening or fall into the shaft due to the landing door opening by mistake.

Generally, the elevator will greet passengers according to the call signal sequence, as long as you wait patiently. Pushing, hitting, kicking and prizing the door by hand are absolutely forbidden. The damage to the door structure is small, and falling into the shaft will cause great damage to the body. Don't be rash, don't slap the door, don't kick the door, then the elevator will treat you well.

When entering or leaving the lift car, obey the rules.

Before entering the lift car, it is necessary to see whether the lift car stops on this floor. Don't think that the landing door is opened, and the car must also be on this floor. The elevator with serious mechanical failure will have the landing door opened by mistake. If you rush forward, personal fall accidents are likely to occur.

Be sure to get in and out of the car quickly, and pay attention to long clothes to prevent being caught by the landing door and car door. When the landing door and car door are closing, passengers outside the car should not use their hands, feet, sticks and other items to directly prevent the door from closing in order to be in a hurry. People inside the car should not stretch out their hands, feet, heads and minds, nor should they put their belongings in the gap between the car and the landing door. Although the normal door system will automatically open under the protection of the safety device, it cannot be careless. Once there is a failure, the consequences will be unimaginable.

People will inevitably take some things with them when taking stairs. If it is inflammable or explosive, it must be protected, and these items cannot be stored in the lift car to prevent equipment damage or personal injury. If it's a large object, it's best to have a professional guide on site. Don't drag it in and out of the car, and don't open the safety window to extend the long object out of the car. Otherwise, the elevator equipment may be damaged. In rainy days, pay particular attention not to bring running rain gear into the elevator, otherwise wetting the car floor will not only cause passengers to slip, but also cause electrical short circuit when water enters the hoistway along the gap between the landing door and the car door sill. If you bring a pet, the owner had better hold it up. The rope that ties the pet must be close to the owner, otherwise, the rope may be stuck by the car door. On October 15 last year, Beijing began to implement the "Beijing Regulations on the management of dog breeding", which has special provisions on carrying dogs on ladders.

Pay attention before taking the ride.

When entering the car, first check whether the elevator safety inspection certificate is posted in the car and whether the certificate is within the period of validity. The "Beijing elevator safety supervision measures" clearly stipulates that safety inspection certificate signs and "precautions for taking elevators" are posted in the elevator car or at the obvious position of the entrance and exit. The date of annual inspection and the inspection unit will clearly indicate on the safety inspection certificate mark. If it is found that the elevator is overdue, it may be unsafe.

Knowing that there is no problem with the certificate of conformity, stand in the car and wait for the start. If the elevator overload alarm sounds because of too many passengers, then the subsequent passengers should take the initiative to get out of the car, especially the passengers whose destination floor is within 2 floors should take the initiative to exit.

The utility elevator has its special function, that is, it is specially used for transporting books, documents, food and goods. At the beginning of their design, they have no safety commitment for passengers, so don't take the sundry elevator with a sense of luck.

In the lift car, stand in order.

After entering the lift car according to the rules, the passengers who go first should consciously stand back, so that the passengers behind can quickly have a safe foothold. After standing in the lift car, don't kill a few minutes or even seconds by pressing the button of the non destination floor. Otherwise, the elevator will stop invalid, which will increase the operation cost and reduce the transportation efficiency of the elevator. Its essence is to waste yourself and others' valuable time. You can't press the alarm button for no reason because it's boring or fun. You know, the personnel on duty only follow the bell, and they will think that there is a danger and come to the rescue. In fact, why not enjoy the decoration of the lift car? Of course, we should not forget to go out of the target layer because of blindly appreciating it.

Standing properly does not mean standing still. Talking but not talking loudly, stretching and moving hands and feet but not shaking left and right, playing and playing are important rules for civilized and safe elevator riding. Especially when there are children in the lift car, adults must temporarily "kill" their active nature. Of course, adults should set an example first. Otherwise, the safety device may start at any time, causing passengers to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator. You can also find someone to rely on to relieve fatigue, such as leaning against the rear wall or both sides of the car, but not against the car door. Because the car door will open on a certain floor, if you lean back against the landing door, it will affect the normal opening of the car door, or cause long clothes to be clamped when closing the door, and the car door will open by mistake, sometimes causing personal injury accidents.

When the car stops at different floors, it is forbidden to throw coins, peels and other things into the elevator floor embedments and grooves, otherwise, the door system will be damaged if the affected floor and car door are opened. Indeed, such items fall into the gap between the car door and the shaft accidentally. Don't solve it by yourself, let alone ignore it. You should immediately notify the elevator professional to assist in handling it. During the operation of the lift car, it is strictly forbidden for passengers to lift the car door with their hands to see the outside scene. Once the door is opened, the elevator will brake urgently, and passengers will be trapped.

When running up and down the elevator, don't open the packaging of items with pungent smell. "Addicts" should pay more attention. At this time, they can't smoke in the lift car, otherwise, they can only satisfy their own desires and harm the health of others. If it causes a fire, the consequences will be more terrible. The lift car is a relatively closed space, and the smell is immediately released. Strictly restrict yourself and be kind to others before you can be kind to yourself. Civilized travel is the principle that everyone should abide by, and taking the elevator is no exception.

In case something goes wrong, don't worry.

For some reason, the lift car stops suddenly, and the passengers are trapped. At this time, it is important to keep calm and calm, and panic is easy to cause trouble. When the elevator stops suddenly, the safety gear will tightly clamp the car between the two rows of guide rails, which will not cause personal injury. The communication equipment such as the alarm device and alarm button in the car can be activated at this time. After contacting the elevator attendant through these devices, passengers can patiently wait for the arrival of the maintenance personnel. Do not forcibly open the car door or attempt to climb out of the safety window. Doing so will easily lead to casualties such as falling. Even if there is such a big fault as squatting, the elevator buffer will come forward to slow down the impulse generated by the overspeed and sliding of the car, and play a protective role for passengers.

Vulnerable groups do not take the elevator alone.

The elderly are not flexible, so it is difficult to get in and out of the lift car as quickly as young people, and they may also be exhausted in the lift car, so it is best to have family members to help, and do not take the lift alone unless absolutely necessary; Children belong to minors. Their curious and playful nature will make them press the elevator settings disorderly, and it is common to run around in the elevator. Therefore, children must be accompanied by adults, and they must not be allowed to take the elevator alone. Women are also one of the vulnerable groups. To be safe, try to avoid taking the elevator alone in a strange environment. If so, when a strange man comes in from other floors, it's best to be vigilant and wait for the next elevator first, which is a wise move. In the lift car, respecting the old and loving the young is the development of the fine tradition, which should be advocated.

Elevator is a special means of transportation for our convenience. At the same time, it is also the epitome of our society. Civilized elevator riding is not only a behavior rule that we must follow in our daily life, but also an important condition to ensure our safety. Keeping the above rules firmly in mind when taking the elevator is the best respect for those who take the elevator and our own life safety.