What should you do if you are trapped in the elevator?

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In modern cities, we can see high-rise buildings everywhere. People moving in high-rise buildings can only rely on elevators to get up and down. Elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation for people. However, do you think that these steel machines that provide convenience to people every day will sometimes bring people into an inconvenient situation. When the elevator suddenly breaks down in operation, what should we do?

On June 4, 2004, the elevator of a hospital in Guangzhou broke down, and three passengers were trapped. The elevator quickly slid to the first floor and shook

It moved for a while. Fortunately, the elevator didn't continue to fall, but got stuck between the first floor and the basement.

Three people are very nervous in this situation. After the accident, Ms. Shao was the first to press the emergency call button in the elevator car. Due to the old elevator, the alarm device did not work. At this time, the elevator was dark, and the two young people trapped in the elevator with Ms. Shao were more nervous. They knocked on the inner wall of the elevator and shouted desperately. It was lunchtime at that time, and the corridor was empty. No matter how they called for help, it was useless. After being nervous, Ms. Shao found that the elevator was ventilated. While comforting the two young people, she reminded them to call for help with their mobile phones. However, among the three people's mobile phones, only Ms. Shao's mobile phone still had a little signal. She broadcast and called 110, but the other party could not hear Ms. Shao's voice. In a hurry, Ms. Shao began to constantly call her relatives. Although the cell phone signal was very weak, she finally dialed her husband's phone, and Ms. Shao's husband immediately called the police. After the efforts of rescue workers, the elevator door was finally opened.

According to statistics, there are about 450000 elevators in use nationwide, and elevator entrapment incidents occur from time to time. There are many reasons for elevator sleepiness, which may be caused by power failure or other mechanical reasons. All reckless escape behaviors will endanger the lives of passengers before understanding the cause of the accident.

Trapped in the elevator, what should you do?

After the passengers are trapped, the best way is to press the emergency call button inside the elevator. This button will generally connect with the duty room or the monitoring center. What you need to do is to wait for rescue.

What should you do when the alarm fails?

1: You can call loudly or slap the car wall door.

2: Slapping the door with shoes is a little louder, mainly to give this signal of distress to the outside world.

3: In some big cities, it is linked with the 110 center. Calling 110 can also achieve the effect of calling for help.

In addition, if there is no one passing for the time being, the trapped passengers had better keep their strength and pat the door intermittently, especially when they hear a sound outside, so as to attract the attention of passers-by. Before the rescuers arrive, the trapped people should not keep calling for help. They should maintain their physical strength, calmly observe the movement, and patiently wait for rescue.

Pry the door? Window? Better wait

Since there is a nationally unified key to open the elevator, it is relatively easy for professionals to use the key to open the door of the car from the outside after the elevator has a trapped fault. Passengers trapped in the elevator hope to leave the faulty elevator as soon as possible, so some trapped passengers forcibly pry the door or open the skylight on the top of the car to escape. Is it safe to do this?

1、 乘客在乘梯时应该看清电梯轿厢是否在本层,不可盲目跨入,防止层门开着而轿厢不在本层以至造成跌入井道事故。
2、 乘客不要用身体去阻止电梯关门,或背靠安全触板。
3、 儿童乘坐电梯一定要有成人陪同。
4、 发生火灾和地震时,切勿乘坐电梯。